Data Cabling Network and LAN-WAN Infrastructure

Whats the importance of having a network infrastructure setup?

  • Devices and users can use a single Internet connection to share files internally with one another, gain access and use networked peripherals and application services, as well as other management tasks and data security.

High-quality Infrastructure

Depending on your current or projected needs, you may wish to acquire LED Power Technologies (EA) K Ltd services in establishing a Multi-service network compromising of a communication room to handle all IP services, sub-distribution rooms assigned for each floor with respective data points, fiber cables as backbone links between sub-distribution rooms, copper cable Cat6 or Cat7 horizontal cabling for data points, and 1 to 10GB redundant architecture with tier 3 design in scope.


We are capable to deliver high-quality network infrastructure, whether it’s multi-service networks, or local area networks comprising of cables, metal trunking, access points, switches, routers, and other components and networked peripherals, up to interconnected local area networks or wide area networks. Where Network Structured Cabling and Continuity is involved, no task is too overwhelming for us to handle.

Scalable Networks

LED Power Technologies (EA) K Ltd delivers results and exceeds expectations by ensuring all our input is at per with global and Kenyan standards, and ensuring security aspects are considered throughout the network infrastructure whether it’s for residential use, small, medium, or large-scale businesses, organizations, governments, schools and universities, corporations, or even metropolis areas.


By entrusting us, you are guaranteed that all health and safety measures are considered, and all prevention plans in check to ensure your infrastructure serves you and not the other way around. Our professional experts and skilled technicians will walk you through the whole process of procurement, from scoping and design work, to supply and installations, and even up to preventive maintenance and repair services.


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