Fire Detection & Suppression and Burglar Alarm Systems

Sectors of application include:

  • Fire detection and suppression systems for data centres, petrol and gas stations, oil and gas plants, hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

Detect Fires Early

For any occupational safety concern, and for the purpose of protecting expensive sheltered assets, having a reliable and regularly maintained fire detection alarm and suppression system is considered the most crucial fire safety and prevention measure any entity must embrace.


Keeping these systems in check can prove to be a confusing and tedious job for most, but not to worry, here’s where LED Power Technologies (EA) K Ltd comes in. We unburden the load and ensure your property has all the necessary and essential systems in place, having them regularly checked and certified for a safe and compliant infrastructure and estate.


Every second matters when a fire incident occurs, and the safety of occupants and sheltered assets is always our prime concern. An immediate response can reduce the destruction of fire breakouts and could inevitably end up saving lives. So trust LED POWER TECHNOLOGIES to design and implement solutions fit for your property needs, achieving compliance with Global and Kenyan Standards while providing early fire detection warning and suppression.

Keep Intruders Away

We pride ourselves on delivering results and exceeding expectations. We are able to provide specialized security and burglar deterrence solutions and ensure their optimal performance with scheduled maintenance services. So, let us be of service to you by:


  • scoping and design topology,
  • supply, installation, and commissioning,
  • certification and compliance checks,
  • preventative maintenance and repair,
  • and system upgrading.


Rest assured, where supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of alarms systems are concerned, whether for residential or commercial applications, LED Power Technologies (EA) K Ltd is your most reliable Service Partner Licensed as both NCA1 Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services Contractors, and EPRA Class A1 Electrical Services Contractors.

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