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Approved Mechanical Engineers

Ensuring your generator is functioning with efficiency and at its prime capacity, can reduce financial risks caused due to production downtime. This can be comfortably achieved by accessing our leading industry-planned maintenance schedules for regularly servicing your diesel generators, thus preventing any unforeseen incidents from occurring and ensuring your generator continues to provide backup power on-demand.


LED POWER TECHNOLOGIES has strategically stationed service teams and metropolitan-wide service networks with outstanding knowledge in mechanical engineering, allowing us to support all our customers with new installations, regular maintenance services, and even diagnose and resolve problems arising with their generators.

Skilled Expertise

We are experienced generator technicians ready and capable to assist in the maintenance of generators and related equipment, utilizing our advanced electrical products, systems and applications, and performing electrical installations and project implementations. We also cover various engineering tasks such as maintenance of other related electrical equipment while collaborating with client-side technicians and specialists in resolving any raised mechanical incident.


Our calculated decisions ensure all related systems meet global safety and environmental standards plus we are well conversant with Electrical Systems and our vast exposure working with electrical power supply systems, electronics, control systems, and mechanics, gives us the upper hand over other contractors.


Rest assured, where supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of generators are concerned, whether for residential or commercial applications, LED Power Technologies (EA) K Ltd is your most reliable Service Partner Licensed as both NCA1 Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services Contractors, and EPRA Class A1 Electrical Services Contractors.

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