Solar Energy Powered Solutions Off-Grid or On-Grid Systems

Benefits of choosing

  • Granted access to complete renewable energy services,
  • No more worrying over electricity bills as much as before,
  • Convenient use of electricity on-demand – hassle-free, and
  • Granted access to high-quality renewable energy products.

Renewable Energy Experts

As an EPRA Licensed V1 and V2 Solar PV Systems Contractor and importer, we are firm believers in solar energy being the most sustainable free energy source. LED Power Technologies (EA) K Ltd, as Solar Power Specialists in Kenya, offers both Off-Grid and On-Grid solar power options which can see you benefit from extreme cost reductions in electric billing.


Supplement your electricity use by letting us install reliable and efficient solar power harnessing and distribution systems today! We are located and we offer services in Kenya and surrounding regions, and you can trust us for genuine solar power conversion and storage products, professional after-sales services, and access to 24/7 support and preventive maintenance. Get an instant quote today by consulting with us.

Skilled Expertise

Well, what will you be expecting from us? You can expect:

  • Reliable and Durable Solar Panels
  • Efficient Inverters and Charge Controllers
  • Durable Solar Power Rechargeable Batteries
  • Highly skilled expertise and experienced electrical engineers in the industry
  • Compliance to all Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality Standards and Regulations acceptable both regionally and globally
  • Reduced electricity bill after converting to Solar Energy Solutions from LED Power Technologies (EA) K Ltd

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